Mission 3.0

In the fall of 2010, ITC launched Mission 3.0 at Abraham Lincoln High School (ALHS), Lincoln Height’s central public high school. Through collaboration¬†with coaches, parents, teachers, and administrators at ALHS, Mission 3.0 exists to challenge student-athletes to strive far beyond the minimum 2.0 GPA required to play in a high school sport, aiming for a collective team GPA of 3.0 or better. Historically, student-athletes are the lowest academic achievers in the ALHS student body.

Every athletics team that participates agrees to attend two one-hour tutoring sessions per week, scheduled around practice and game times, for the duration of the respective 10 to 12-week athletics season. ITC tutors provide focused help, guidance, and access to resources that student-athletes often cannot receive in their crowded classrooms. ITC collaborates with other organizations, institutions, and individuals to provide content-driven workshops, interactive guest panels, presentations, and college campus tours.

Mission 3.0 began with just the Junior Varsity Football team in 2010, then expanded to JV and Varsity Football in 2011. By the 2012-13 academic year, the ALHS administration requested the expansion of Mission 3.0 to an additional 12 teams, increasing the participant number from 90 to 300 in just one year. ITC is creating an athletics culture at ALHS where success on the field is seen as intimately bound up with success in the classroom.

Our hope is that every student-athlete who participates in Mission 3.0 is emboldened to visualize alternative futures for him/herself and be better prepared to attend college. ITC seeks to continue transforming attitudes and expectations student-athletes have about themselves, education, and their future.

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