IntheCity was founded in 2008, after the organization’s founders witnessed the power the community harbors for change. The organization seeks to promote meaningful transformation of the community by empowering residents to become agents of change. Our programs and services emphasize education and the strengthening of community networks as paths to empowerment and transformation.

Our inaugural program was Mission 3.0, which allowed us to work with students, families, coaches, and teachers to improve the academic achievement of student-athletes at Abraham Lincoln High School through tutoring, workshops, and presentations. In 2014, Mission 3.0 was expanded to include a yearlong mentoring component for the JV Football and Basketball teams. Students who chose to participate in the mentoring component met weekly with their mentors to receive academic guidance and counseling.

In 2015, SPARK, an afterschool academy at Griffin Avenue Elementary, just blocks away from Lincoln High School, was launched, allowing for crucial support, intervention, and impact at a younger age. Our dream is to expand this program to other elementary schools in Lincoln Heights and beyond!